Wall Color Selection Tips from Interior Painters Cincinnati

living room wallYour interior painters Cincinnati will give you the best selection tips when it comes to wall paints for the interior of your living space. There are several options for you and the best thing about interior painting is that you can experiment and be creative in so many ways.

Tips for Color Selection from Interior Painters Cincinnati

There are homeowners who have total belief in themselves when it comes to asserting their personal style in painting their interiors. Kudos to them! And yes, we do recommend you use your personal style in order to put up the right color which represents either your personality or your desires. In interior painting, it’s really more on feeling free on breaking the conventional rules. So here are some tips that might come in handy when you need help in picking the right color for your wall and interior:

First of all, when you create either a warm or cool color theme, the basic rule is that you choose one color and use it as the predominant one. The other colors meanwhile will serve as accent colors. Now if you happen to have a narrow but long room, it is best if you paint the end walls using a darker shade. The use of the darker colors will recede and produce an impression of width. Meanwhile, light colors will make the illusion of advance.

Also, keep in mind that solids and simple patterns will significantly reduce visual weight. Bold patterns contrastingly will add to visual weight, which in turn relates to burden in the eyes. Moreover, the bright and intense colors will likewise contribute to visual weight while neutral and muted colors have the opposite effect.

If you want to make the room look larger, you may want to focus your wall color selection on light color paints, while at the same time choosing furnishings in a similar color family. The idea is harmony. If that’s not possible, what you can is actually paint the furniture in order to match the ideal color you chose for your walls.

With respect to your wall, choosing light colors for your ceilings will lead to attracting attention. Dark colors meanwhile that are used in the ceiling will definitely direct the eyes to head level, which in turn gives the viewer more focus on the walls and furnishings.

Also, lighting plays a major role in terms of affecting the color of your walls and other parts of the living space. For instance, fluorescent light will provide a cool lighting effect, that’s because it brings out green or blue. Incandescent light bulbs on the other hand will produce more red or warmth in the color. Part of your experiment in interior painting, especially in choosing wall paint color is viewing different color options both during the day and during the night.

Interior Painters Cincinnati: Interpreting the Main Color Selections


Red, when used for ceilings will normally create an annoying and weighty impression. For floors, it expresses confidence. As for walls, it is positive attitude and being energetic. Red in most instances is rather used as an accent color but more and more homeowners are seeing the trend in using this one on walls. It actually produces a more complex illusion of space.


wall color optionsPink is rather new when it comes to interior painting. However, it does create some nice impressions. For instance, if used in the ceilings, it resembles softness and comfort. For the pink floors, they’re basically intended for special and select spaces. As for walls, they are a great complement to soft and pale skin tones.


Brown is classic, and you probably know that already. For the ceiling, dark hues are quite heavy in impression. When used in floors, the color emphasizes stability, durability, and reliability. And finally, when brown is used in walls, the same will signify richness, comfort, and warmth.

Not a lot of people know that brown walls provide a nice and ideal environment for working and living. In fact, a lot of people use the combination of red and brown for utmost warmth and comfort.


wall colorWhen used in the ceilings, the orange is perfect for signifying energy and advancement. For the floor, it is more on creating movement. When used in walls, the soft peachy tones of the color represent warmth and glow. The brighter tones on the other hand are more on the energetic side, while burnt orange shades will resemble richness and warmth.

The common perception is that orange is mainly used as accents. However, when the hue is more of a peach, it becomes a suitable color for the bathroom. While orange is reserved typically for accents, pastel oranges are cheerful and lively. When this hue is close to peach, it has the ability to enhance skin tones and therefore would be a suitable color in a bathroom.

Tips For Finding The Best Exterior Painter Cincinnati OH

red exteriorWhen it comes to home improvement projects, a homeowner’s time is always considered constrained or limited. You may be looking forward to spending your weekend going over repairs and maintenance at home but you can never tell if something more important will eventually get in the way. With time being an issue, it is rather obvious that you may need to hire an exterior painter Cincinnati if you have painting jobs at home.

Why Hire An Exterior Painter Cincinnati?

You can paint your own bedroom, family room, or bathroom if you like. Anyhow, most homeowners think there is little risk involved. But exterior house painting is another thing. It is a job that must be done strictly by a professional. Aside from the fact that using a professional painter will relieve you of the burden and stress of painting your own home, you also get the guarantee of good output and results. You should never do the exterior painting yourself especially if you haven’t done it before. You see, this type of job takes some good amount of skills, experience, and expertise. Therefore, a homeowner like you has to admit that exterior house painting is way out of your league.

In order to find the best people for the job, don’t forget to read and learn applying these tips:

Asking Around

The oldest trick in the book when it comes to finding and locating the finest exterior painting contractors is obtaining referrals and recommendations from anyone you know and you can trust. So, take note of your coworkers, friends, neighbors, and relatives. Expect that one of them must have a pleasant experience with an exterior painter before and expect them to give you a name and contact information. Asking around doesn’t cost you any harm so you might as well do it as long as you have the time.

But your search of referrals does not end with your friends and acquaintances alone. You can also get the same referrals from online review sites and forums. But be reminded that your search should be limited locally. Don’t hire painters that are based way beyond your area, city, or state.

Getting the Estimates

Be reminded as well that when you receive contractor estimates, they have to be in the same price range. What this means is that even if one painter offers a lower bid, the others should be well within the practical estimates. Therefore, if you receive an estimate from an exterior painter that differs widely to the rest, you have to ask what makes the different. In most instances, there are certain aspects of the painting job that’s not covered, hence, the low bid.

Set Up the Interview

house paint color optionsKeep in mind that conducting an interview is a must. This means you have no choice but to do it. If you fail to do so, you will most likely end up hiring a bad or inexperienced painter, which in return means a big blow to your investment in improving your home.

In the interview, you must know what questions to ask. Some of the most important ones are provided below:

1 – How long have you been in the industry?

Most of the time, experience means a lot, especially in the house painting business. When you stumble upon a reliable painting contractor, it means they have extensive experience in the business, which also means they are most likely effective in dealing with all sorts of exterior painting jobs.

2 – Do you have insurance coverage and bonding? If so, can you show them?

In any kind of home improvement project carried out by an independent contractor, there is always the risk of injury as well as damage to property. The best exterior house painting contractors will not hesitate to disclose and show proof that they have insurance and bonding covering injuries that may be incurred by workers and damage property during the painting process.

3 – Can you show me your licenses and certifications?

This is likewise a very important question to ask. Do not trust verbal assurances and claims of being an award-winning contractor if they cannot support it with documents or any physical proof. There is no better proof than licensing and certifications.

4 – Can you provide a list of references including their contact information?

exterior house paintingIf a potential painting contractor willingly provides you with a list of references, it says a lot about their confidence in you talking to their previous customers. It means they have no secrets to hide from you.

Other Questions to Ask:

1 – Do you happen to be a member of any national or local painter’s association or organization? If yes, what are those organizations?

2 – Do you employ subcontractors for the exterior painting job?

3 – Can you provide written guarantees of your finished work?

4 – What are the products and materials you use?

Being Specific

One of the things that most homeowners overlook is being specific and particular about the exterior house painting project. This may mean you should walk each prospective contractor within and around the areas of the house to be painted. In this walkthrough, you have to discuss your specific needs as well as the particular aspects of the entire project that you want to integrate, along with those you want to exclude. Keep in mind that being specific means you can dictate the final price of the project, but in a rather positive way. You don’t necessarily have to haggle!

Finally, painting a house is something that’s quite serious and it takes a lot of time compared to other home improvement projects. That is why we can never stress more on seriously finding the best possible people for the job. The contractor should be willing enough to listed to the specific needs you want to be addressed including the surfaces and areas to be painted, paint color, and the finishes you want to be used.

Choosing Colors For House Painting Cincinnati

house paintYou see, paint color has what it takes to provide the most significant effect and impression on your living space. And what’s great about it is that it is considered as the most affordable means of improving the aesthetic integrity of your home. It’s a fact that color can revolutionize or greatly affect our perception of the environment and the things around us. For one, it makes a dull place look cool or it provides the essential energy in order to make your room livelier. That’s why in choosing colors for house painting Cincinnati, you have to have all the knowledge and information in order to be able to improve how your living space or your home looks.

Finding Inspiration for House Painting Cincinnati

Finding inspiration is really simple since everything you see around you is donned in different colors. Thus, you can easily come up with your own creative ideas by way of creating a portfolio of the colors that attract you the most. For instance, you can reference to a favorite piece of art, the sights you remember in your vacation in Hawaii, or even the color of your loved one’s eyes.

What you need to do is weigh on the common denominator in those inspirational images. What we mean by common denominator in this case is the similar color represented. Now ask yourself: do I want a variety of colors or perhaps specific shades of a single color? Do I want it bold or muted? The best way to enable the color of your home to represent what you really like is integrating your inspirations in it.

Mood Defining

Aside from inspiration, you would also like to look into the mood when looking to choose for the top house paint colors. Do you feel like you’re necessitated to achieve a specific them or mood in one of your rooms or the entire living room area? For one, most homeowners would want a restful and calm theme in the bedroom while the family room has to be more energizing. There are certain desired visual impacts that correspond to different colors and the color you choose will define the kind of mood you want to portray in your home.

Utilizing Crucial Elements in the House

You should also look into the key elements in your house when you want to use the best colors for house painting. You need to determine what sort of elements in the house will be affected by the color you choose. Do you have carpets, antique and classic furniture, or perhaps hardwood flooring? Keep in mind that the color of the flooring is a major factor to consider when you’re looking at the top house paint colors you desire to use. This is because the flooring anchors the room and will have a great impact to the color you put on the wall, primarily because of reflections.

Likewise, another key element in the house that’s vital in choosing colors for house painting is furnishings. Any painting contractor will tell you how important it is to consider the furnishings because they are probably the most expensive stuff in the house and they cannot be easily removed or replaced just to accommodate a new paint color inside. Therefore, the most likely scenario is that you will need to coordinate or integrate the color scheme to that of the furnishings, the main purpose of which is to make them fit ideally together. For instance, you can’t just get rid of an expensive heirloom dining table because it won’t match the kind of paint color you want for wall in the dining area.

What You Value the Most

Yes, it’s true that at the end of the day, a typical homeowner like you will simply choose the color that appeals to you the most. But choosing the color does not end by simply picking blue, green, brown, or black. There’s more to it. You see, you need to understand and contemplate what you really value the most out of a color. For instance, you want a lighter or darker shade? Are you someone who likes yellows and pinks? You might want a dark and strong color, but do you really think you can live with one room overwhelming the others?

Warm Versus Cool

house color optionsFinally, in looking for the best colors for house painting, it mostly goes down to the battle of choosing between warm and cool colors. Most of the time, people will lean towards warm colors to express a certain theme or persona while cool colors are those who are planning to keep it rather safe or neutral. If you want the warm colors to don your interior, you are mostly looking at red, orange, and yellow. For cool hues on the other hand, you will be selecting blue, violet, or even green.

So those are the basic things you ought to know when choosing colors for your house. Be reminded though that doing experiments is good, but you should never interfere or disagree when the painting contractor will advise to the contrary. If you want to insist on your own choosing, you might pay the price later on.

Trusted Cincinnati OH Exterior Painter

exterior paintingWhen you’re looking for a trusted Cincinnati OH exterior painter, there are so many things to think about. However, it shouldn’t be a hindrance for you to hire because exterior painting in itself is not a DIY job. Yes, you can do some painting in your interior like your room or kitchen, but leave the outside part of the house to the experts.

Hiring a Trusted Cincinnati OH Exterior Painter

Let’s just say you’re contemplating on painting your home exterior all by yourself. If so, think about things like your ability, experience, and savings for the costs if you hire someone instead. For instance, have you tried painting anything before? If yes, how extensive was the coverage? Be reminded that the lack of skills and experience in painting may cost you dearly. The mistakes you make can lead to more expenses in the process, which in turn will certainly disappoint you. But if you hire a trusted painting contractor instead, you are making sure the quality of work is guaranteed and there is lesser or even zero risks of mistakes.

Now provided your mind is set at doing the job yourself, all we can say is that it’s your decision and we admire your interest in painting. However, you may still have to seek the help of a trusted exterior painter in Cincinnati if you want the most ideal preparation. Also, a professional exterior painter can help a lot in providing you with definite and practical estimates. By doing so, you also obtain a financial point of comparison and you will tangibly benefit from the points and professional advice given to you by the experts, especially with regards to the condition of your home or property, paint color options, and the type of paint available within your budget.

It is good if you allow the painting company to make their pitch for a job right before you make a final decision. And in the event you choose to do the painting yourself, at least you get to learn a lot of things from contacting and communicating with a professional painting company.

But what if you are convinced that it is more practical to hire one? If so, take a look at these basic tips in the process of hiring a trusted painting contractor based in Cincinnati OH:

Schedule a Meeting

You just don’t hire someone over the phone. That only happens in the movies. In reality, you cannot in any way hire a professional painter without actually meeting them. You must find time to meet the prospects, because unlike other home improvement projects, exterior painting is rather complicated and needs careful understanding of the terms between the homeowner and the painter. In meeting them face to face, you will get the answers to all your questions.

Keep Your Options in Check

You will come upon a good contractor if they provide and present you with various options that lead to more flexible exterior painting plans. You will be provided with the types of paints applicable in your surface as well as the materials to be used.

Know the Right Price

Most exterior paints will cost you between $25 and $40 per gallon. Keep in mind that you must know the price trends in your area so that you won’t be ripped off in the process. But the kind of paint you opt to use mainly depends on your budget. But good painting contractors won’t hesitate in strongly advising for or against your choice.

Cincinnati Exterior Painting Services

home exterior paintingThe paint you don on your home says a lot about you. It also serves as the basis of someone else’s impression and expectations on what’s inside. At Cincinnati exterior painting, we aim at helping you make the best possible first impression from onlookers and passersby. It really does not matter if your original house paint is worn out or you’re planning to start out with something new, our services extend to all sorts of exterior painting needs.

Cincinnati Exterior Painting Services: Quality Service and Professionalism

Every homeowner must understand that one of the most important things to look for in a professional exterior painting company is the attention to detail. If you hire someone who has this skill, there will be a significant difference in the positive side, with respect to how your paint looks. That’s why you should always go for those with the professional skills and extensive training.

The right exterior painting services have obtained the essential experience in the widest possible array of painting needs. The company or contractor’s goal has to be providing the cleanest and most detailed exterior painting output, from the start of the project up to the end of it. Every bit of detail is covered and every issue is addressed.

The attention to detail means your Cincinnati exterior painting service company brings more than just traditional painting to every job. Part of the commitment to ideal service includes the thorough washing of the surface in order to remove loose paint and dirt, comprehensive prep, sealing the cracks, and others. Every bit of preparation needed right before the actual painting is done is covered and scrutinized so as to make sure that old paint and rough surfaces will not affect the look of the new paint.

Common Services Offered By Exterior Painting Service Contractors

You might be contemplating on hiring an inexperienced and cheap painting contractor to do a quick exterior paint job for you. If this is the case, you will eventually realize that everything is not worth the risk since what’s at stake is the aesthetic foundation of your home. But with professional exterior painting services, you can expect the highest quality of work as well as high level of expertise and skills in the following:

Painting and surface restoration
Epoxy coating
Power wash
Restoration, sealing, and painting of wood decks as well as fences
Concrete staining
Exterior surface painting for metal, aluminum, wood, vinyl siding, and stucco

exterior painting CincinnatiIf you are not familiar about the above services, let’s dig up on the reasons why you should be painting the outside portion of your home.

For Repair Purposes

The exterior portion of the home, along with the roof is the most exposed to weather. This means that the components outside are most likely to get damaged and broken due to rain, snow, dirt and dust, and the scorching summer heat. With all these in mind, you will need to repaint the exterior as soon you need to replace its components. A fresh coat of paint will give the impression that the home is newly repaired.

Giving a New Look

Another reason for exterior house painting is to give it a fresh and new look. If you are planning on a major home renovation, you will certainly think of hiring a good bunch of people who will take care of the whole house painting job. It’s actually kind of senseless if you do carry out home improvement in order to give your crib a new look without talking about painting it afterwards.

house painting CincinnatiFinally, the work associated with exterior house painting is quite extensive. It is comprised of several processes from the preparation up to the finishing touches. And the fact is you don’t want to rely on everything to a cheap and inexperienced painting contractor who may well be using your own home as a canvass for painting experiments.

With our painting services on the other hand, you are guaranteed to get the best exterior painting job possible with a result that you will never regret for years to come.

Hiring Professional Cincinnati House Painters

house paintingAs a homeowner, you don’t have all the time in the world to spend on doing something about the worn out house paint. What you need are Cincinnati house painters who will take care of the job for you. Hiring a professional painter is the most practical option you have. It’s not like you have a small dent on your roof or a broken window, where you can easily take some time off over the weekend and do the repairs yourself. When it comes to house painting, there is no room for experiments.

Aside from taking away the burden and stress out of painting your home, tapping the services of an expert painting contractor means your home’s aesthetic integrity is with safe hands. There’s a reason why not a lot of homeowners paint their homes, and that’s because it takes more than just do-it-yourself or handyman skills to be able to come up with good results.

But hiring one is not as easy as a walk in the park. It is one of the most important decisions you will ever make when it comes to the fate of your home. Hence, choosing entails some good amount of effort, time, and some serious and thorough consideration.

Whether it is for a small interior painting job or a complete exterior house repainting, use these tips in order for you to hire the right people for your professional painting services:

Asking Around

The best and most convenient way to get hold of finest Cincinnati house painters is to ask the people around you. The list of reliable individuals whom you can trust when it comes to giving advice and recommendations include your close friends, neighbors, coworkers, acquaintances, and even your relatives. Obviously, they have their own homes as well, so they may have tapped the services of a painting contractor who they believe has done a magnificent job. But make sure you’re getting a company that covers or is even based in your area. Likewise, you can obtain referrals from regulatory bodies in your state or city.

painting CincinnatiObtaining Multiple Estimates

Get as many contractor estimates as possible. This will give you the advantage of comparing them and eventually getting the most reasonable. Try to observe as well if the estimates actually fall on the same price range. If it happens that the estimates vary, ask and inquire about discrepancies and what aspect of the painting job is not covered.

The Interview

A house painting service is a very pricey endeavor for the homeowner’s part. As such, you need to do everything in order to be able to hire the best people for the job. Part of that is conducting a comprehensive interview on the list of prospects.

Don’t forget to ask them the following questions:

1 – How many years of experience do you have or how long have you been in the business of painting?
2 – Can you show me all your licenses, training certifications, and permits?
3 – Do you have insurance coverage and/or bonding?
4 – Are you an active member of any major local painting company organizations or groups?
5 – Do you employ subcontractors?
6 – Do you have a list of references that I can call or talk to?
7 – Do you provide written guarantees for your output or finished project?

Having a Keen Eye on Behavior

When hiring professional house painters, one of the most overlooked aspects is behavior. You have to understand that the process of scrutinizing does not end with the interview. When you meet the prospects, try to keep an eye on the kind of behavior they exhibit. It’s one good way to measure up the kind or level of professionalism and dedication in them. The right one for you should be someone who is courteous and attentive. If you happen to talk to someone who’s always busy attending to calls or doing something else, look for another. You usually don’t get the service you deserve from a contractor who is too busy catering others.